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The Amalfi Coast seems to come from a painter’s palette to create a landscape magically suspended between the sky and the sea.

Atrani is located less than a kilometer from Amalfi, and is one of the most beautiful seaside villages to visit in Italy. In fact, here we can admire a spectacular landscape of rocky and imposing mountains that turn into terraces cultivated with lemon trees, reaching out into a small cove that houses this delightful seafaring village. Imposing arches surround the village from a small beach where, in the evening, the lamparas leave for fishing, punctuating the sea with a thousand bright spots in the night. In summer, however, the beach is packed with swimmers who cool off in its crystal clear waters.

The Piazzetta of Atrani is the heart of the town; here tourists, from all over the world, find refreshment between bar tables and small restaurants, drinking and eating local specialties such as “ziti in tomato sauce” or “eggplant and chocolate cake” just a few steps from the sea.

The first thing you will notice when arriving in the Piazzetta is the Church of San Salvatore de ‘Birecto, connected to the square by a straight staircase leaning against a house. It has only recently been reopened and has, inside, a very rich decorative heritage, including a polychrome wooden group depicting the Madonna with Child.

Walking along the narrow streets of the village, we arrive at the ancient chapel of Santa Maria del Bando, set on the highest rocky part of the town, which will give you a breathtaking view where nature and man’s work merge into an evocative beauty.

Probably built at the time of the Maritime Republic of Amalfi (839-1131), due to its elevated position, it became the place where the announcements were announced, that is the public announcements or convictions to criminals, addressed to the population.

In this wonderful village there are various events that offer tourists the chance to learn about the traditions of the place. The parties that we suggest are the three most important ones that give life to millenary traditions:

Patronal feast in honor of Mary Magdalene, on 22 July, which offers, along with the very rich religious program, the fireworks show over the sea, during the night. This will make your experience unique and you can taste the “Sarchiapone” that is the long stuffed pumpkin and baked in the oven.

On September 1st we celebrate the Byzantine New Year that hosts the Magister of Civiltà Amalfitana and the historical procession.

The Christmas night during which, after the solemn Mass, the traditional “descent of the stars” is held, a unique spectacle of fireworks that light up the roofs of the houses, reviving the magic of Christmas for the whole population.