Be Green: from Volcei to Valdiano

Be green from volcei to valdiano

Jump in a rural southern experience, feel the ancient vibes of this secret land that tell a fascinating story at every corner, another visual concept from a unique land, a different point of view on italy, and it’s plastic free!

"I think having land and not ruining it is the most beautiful art that anybody could ever want" (Andy Wharol)

Respecting our land is a must do for us, which doesn’t mean reducing the tourist experience, just make it be ethic and sustainable.
This tour, like most of ours and soon all of them, aims to be eco friendly, plastic free and environment respectful.
We will eat local, nearby grown or produced, food which means less emissions, won’t have single use plastic plates, glasses or cutlery, no meat from intensive farming, delicious wines from local wineries.
And we hope to drive on electric vans in the nearest future.


Welcome to Italy!
After checkin in and set your luggage, we will drive to an accomodation, a charming venue that will be our second home during our trip, hosting us many times for different experience, tonight we will have a welcome dinner and get acquainted with each other in a relaxed and informal environment.
Our day will start with a delicious breakfast in our resort in Buccino, after which we will drive up to Sasso di Castalda, experiencing a breathtaking Tibetan bridge.
Lunch will be at our accomodation where with the help of a photographic collection a tour guide will tell us through the territory and the places that we will visit in the following days.
Relaxing evening at the resort where hors d'oeuvres will be served.

After breakfast today we will drive to the famous town of Paestum where we’ll visit a real mozzarella factory with a guided visit through the production of this unique cheese, lunch with fresh local products and in the afternoon guided visit of the Greek temples area and museum.
Later on in the evening we will enjoy a home made dinner at our accomodation before going back to the hotel.
A string trio will play along our dinner, enhancing the atmosphere.

After breakfast we will drive to Padula where we will have fun preparing our lunch with a professional chef who will give us an interesting cooking class, preparing local dishes with local products, a deep immersion into cilentan healthy lifestyle.
In the afternoon we will stay in Padula to visit the beautiful Certosa di San Lorenzo before going back to the resort.

Escorted day in Salerno with local guide.
During the excursion guests will visit sites of high historical and cultural importance like the Cathedral, Minerva gardens and Arechi’s castle.
Guests will be shown around old town’s narrow alleys and will get to know one of the most ancient cities in Italy’s charme, making the the day more brilliant by preparing and tasting one of the most famous delights of local cuisine: pizza.

A day dedicated to the nature, after breakfast we will reach the spectacular Pertosa Grottoes where we will have a guided tour into this fantastic caves before going to our accomodation for a light and vegetarian lunch.
In the afternoon we will drive to a local winery where we will go through the full process of wine production ending the day with dinner and wine tasting in the vineyards.

Today we will relax by visiting a thermal park in Contursi before lunch, which will be based on an olive oil tasting.
After that we will leisurely take a walk in the hills around Caggiano, admiring the beautiful natural spots, sensing the smells of this flavoured land and feeling the quietness of the peaceful surrounding.
Dinner will be at our accomodation with local delicacies from the whole region, traditional songs and dances will be performed between the meals.

Farewells, debriefing and transfers to airport.