Chocoliamo 2020: Chocolate festival in Naples

Festa del cioccolato 770x370

The sweetest Valentine’s Day is waiting for you in Piazza Dante, Naples during 12-16 February 2020: a triumph of good products and gift ideas. 

A small village built up just for the occasion will host masters chocolatiers coming from every part of Italy, so you can get to taste every type of chocolate.

The village has a play area for kids while the adults can take part in workshops and cooking shows.

On February 14th, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, there will be an unusual flash mob: everyone will kiss their other half and then there will be a huge group hug.

If you don’t have a partner, but you’re in love with someone, then you can get the chance to say it with a post-it during the Post-It Heart.


When: 12-16 February 2020

Opening Hours: 10am-10pm

Where: Piazza Dante, Naples

Pricesfree entrance