Crafts, history …

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If the foot is nature, the shoe is culture (Franco Cardini)

Cobbler from birth, I grew up in the family factory. History, my great passion, historical re-enactment and our traditional folklore have traced my path as a historical craftsman.

Today my catalogue of footwear has over 50 items, reconstructions from finds or iconographies, which span 30 centuries of human history.

And shoes come out of my catalog  for cinema as in the Film “Maraviglioso Boccaccio” (2015) or for theater with supplies for dozens of companies and shows.

Fantasy (LARP, Cosplay): footwear for  the characters of Tolkien, Star Wars, comics and videogames that can be seen worn in major themed events (Lucca Comics, Unicorn Festival, Comicon).

Currently some of my shoes (one of which has just returned from the “chimney” of Santiago de Compostela) are exhibited in the “Camminamente” exhibition, in “Val di Non” near Trento, Trentino Alto Adige region. Starting by October the exhibition will move to Bolzano.

The release of a documentary on the US market is imminent in which I see myself appearing during the work of reconstruction of an artifact (for contractual reasons I cannot provide further details).

Beyond footwear, on request and in an exceptional way, if the idea convinces me and involves me, I also do my work in other leather and leather works.