Cultural heritage, in Ischia conference on virtuous paths

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New paths in the care and enhancement of the cultural and archaeological heritage of the South, and beyond: the events of “Chorìa, stories of men and their territory: the manifold identity of the landscape”, a series of conferences take off today in Ischia by the archaeologist Mariangela Catuogno.

At the Antoniana library, at 6pm, the first appointment, dedicated to the management of cultural heritage. Guests the director of the Archaeological Park of the Campi Flegrei, Fabio Pagano, who will illustrate all the recent cultural strategies put in place for the enhancement of a unique archaeological reality in the Italian cultural panorama (his intervention, in particular, is dedicated to the public-private relationship in the strategy of the Archaeological Park of the Phlegraean Fields), and Professor Stefano Consiglio, director of the Department of Social Sciences University of Naples Federico II, who will present some virtuous examples of experimenting collaboration with private subjects or the third sector to open and manage some cultural sites in light of the rules set out in the Code of Cultural Heritage.

“With its millennial cultural heritage – explains Mariangela Catuogno, creator of the initiative – the island of Ischia represents a privileged observatory to be analyzed and compared in open dialogue with the other realities around us. In this process, a community aware of its history and its cultural roots is fundamental, capable of setting in motion a series of activities aimed at enhancing and using its cultural heritage in synergy with the Institutions that regulate the Protection of the same. Thus the community becomes a participatory and sensitive actor, giving way to those heritage communities, much desired by the Faro Convention ”.

Source: La Repubblica