The 47° Edition Of The Great Carnival In Maiori

770 x 370

A tradition that we can trace in the history and the memories of several generations, an event for children and adults, a triumph of creativity and magic.

”Nothing grows from diamonds… but the colors of the Great Carnival in Maiori grow from iron and papier-mache”.

Art: the theme of the new edition

Every artistic performance will take place in Maiori through allegoric dances and Carnival float, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Federico Fellini’s birth, who had a strong relationship with Maiori and its Carnival.

Just think of the post-World War II Italian filmography, which made the small village of the Amalfi coast one of the best film sets, also thanks to Roberto Rossellini, father of Neo-Realism cinema. 

One of his movies called “L’Amore” (Love) was shot between Maiori and Amalfi.

What to expect

A breathtaking view on the Amalfi coast and a beautiful stage that will host dances, shows, and parades. A hymn to enjoy the beauty.

All this and more is the key to the fame of The Great Carnival in Maiori. We are waiting for you!