World’s biggest “pastiera”: it’s in Naples and it’s 2-metres large

Pastiera 770x370

From an idea of Gran Caffè Gambrinus, a maxi-pastiera, with a diameter of 2.10 m, will be exposed in Naples. 

What was needed to bake it: 60 kg of ricotta, 60 kg of sugar, 60 kg of grain, and 600 eggs. 

You can eat for free from April: just go to the historical bar located in Piazza Trieste e Trento.

giant Neapolitan “pastiera” has been made for Easter at Gran Caffè Gambrinus in Naples, which decided to organize this event “ad hoc” so as everybody could have a small taste of the most famous traditional Easter dessert: 2.10 m large, it will be possible to taste it for free, as a sort of appetizer.

Here’s a list of the ingredients. 

You will need to buy an entire minimarket: 60kg of fresh ricotta, 60kg of sugar, 60kg of grain, 600 eggs (36kg), 25kg of orange essence, 40kg of short pastry, and finally 25lt of milk.