Showcase on Italy

Our showcase on Italy

Our deep-rooted artisan and eno-gastronomic culture has solid foundations and great prospects. The pleasure of taste, the love for traditions, the continuous search for quality and the care in the production of niche food, fine wines, DOP olive oil, refined objects of local craftsmanship, are realized through the more modern and innovative distribution strategies.
Mandato Consulting is focused and is careful to enhance the authentic Italian products: from food to wines, from crochet to works of Italian authors, from jewelry to handmade objects. The result is a showcase of excellence and "Made in Italy".
The activities are focused on offering:

• Space to small and medium enterprises in our area which, by dedicating themselves to the production of artisanal and niche goods, show interest in entering foreign markets;
• A "salon" of local products to foreign customers who are constantly looking for Italian excellence, encouraging and accompanying the export of local items.

The showcase gives the possibility to accompany the presentation of the promoted product with technical sheets, including multimedia ones, about the history and characteristics of production, to enhance the whole processing and realization.

Excellences of the italian territory

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