Our region: Campania. Our biggest treasure.

The ability to enhance local products from our region is one of our strengths; the variety of food and wine choices and the variety of artisanal traditions, strengthen our daily professional commitment which aims exclusively at promoting our excellence.
In this context, the revaluation of so-called '' typical '' products and their distribution throughout the world constitutes a very important aspect for the preservation of local traditions and the enhancement of new and young business ventures.
Traditions passed on by generations are safe and are here to stay, thanks to the strengthening of the industries linked to regional and local products.
Mandato Consulting has the opportunity to work with local artisans and producers in order to offer different services: visits can be arranged to add value to the overall trip in the region through customized experiences or alternatively local Italian products can be sent through tracked shipments, directly to your front door.

Proud to represent our local excellences, carefully selected for you.

We will deal with your enquiry, answer all your questions and your order will then be processed by the producer who will also arrange the shipment for you.

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