Esperizne big

When travelling abroad, you tend to make a bucket list of things to do and things to see. We used to look them up on a travel guide bood but now we have the internet and the possibilities are endless. We have gathered all this informatioin for you and we can't wait to be your virtual guide here in the South of Italy.

Our experiences can be made to suit: they can be relaxing, adventurous, energizing or extreme!

Here are some of the experiences we can offer in our region and beyond: from the Volo dell'Angelo (the Angel flight) to the walk across the Tibetan bridge, to trekking on the Amalfi Coast or walks in the woods, climbing, rafting in the canyon, canoeing at sunset, diving, visiting caves, SUP at sunset, rock climbing, kite surfing, paragliding, camping, a visit to the famous waterfalls, horseback ride in the mountains or on the beach.

Beyond sporting activities, we can offer different experiences related to food and wine: farmer's lunch, tasting of sheperd's cheese, aperitif in the lemon groves on the Amalfi Coast,. lunch at a local farm or in the vineyards on the Amalfi Coast; a picnic on the beach or on a boat going from coast to coast. We can arrange several tours, street food tour of traditional products, wine tours, mozzarella tours, anchiovy filteriing tour. We can organize a cooking class, a tour of the ceramics in Vietri or tours related to local crafts.

As you can see there is something for everyone. We can also organize tours with children and for people with mobility problems.

We experiences them, we lived them and now we want to share them with you!