Holiday rental big

Finding the right holiday home in a foreign country can seem daunting at first, and that’s where we step in to help. We know the villas, we know the area, we know every little street around the villa, we also know how many steps there are to that villa. So yes, we really can help in finding that perfect holiday home!

First things first: the view and the terrace. Let’s face it, when coming to this part of the world it’s the first thing you think about! Maybe you want a romantic sea view with lots of privacy, or maybe a view of the town so you can watch everyday life from the comfort of your terrace; you might want a pool or prefer sea access, or why not, both; a terrace with a BBQ and pizza oven; lots of shade or maybe a place where you can sunbathe a lot and catch all the rays you can. You may decide you also would love a garden as well as a terrace, again that is something we will happily take into account for you.

Let’s talk about the inside of the house: We will need number of guests, number of bedrooms required, number of bathrooms. Dining table indoors or just outdoors, comfortable living area, television in all rooms or maybe just in living room. Kitchen appliances. Anything you can think of to make sure you have your home comforts.

Steps: As you probably already know, if you visit the Amalfi Coast, you have to be prepared to walk up and down steps. Lots of steps. But that’s ok, you expect that. What you don’t want to experience is booking a property and then realizing you have to walk up 180 steps just to get from the road to your front door. That is, unless you miss your gym at home of course and it’s a way of exercising to make more room for the delicious food you will be eating! We can help with any number of steps you can manage; we will personally check the number of steps there are to get you to the front door.

Parking: parking on the Amalfi Coast can be tricky. We always suggest booking a car transfer to get you to your property to avoid the stress of having a car on the coast, but if you do plan on bringing or renting a car, then you definitely need to find a villa with parking on site; there are few car parks on the coast which can be very busy and expensive during peak times. We will suggest the best property with parking or near to public transport according to your needs.

Location: You might want to be in the centre of town, or you may prefer a little peace and quiet in a more private area. You might want to be walking distance to shops, the beach, bars, restaurants, again we will happily suggest properties which suit the type of holiday you have in mind.

Additional services: Each villa is different, which also means every villa offers different services. Please do let us know if you require a private chef, maid service, baby sitters, private drivers. Anything you can think of to make your trip the best holiday you have ever had! We can of course help you arrange any additional service through trusted partners we work with, you just need to let us know and we will arrange it for you!

Your dream holiday home is waiting for you!